Thursday, January 22, 2009

Looks can be Deceiving

This week Harmon's have their cereal on sale, so I went in to grab some and also grabbed some fresh blackberries and blueberries because they were on sale for a 1.00! What do you do with fresh blueberries besides try to keep them away from Grey so he doesn't eat the entire package in one sitting? I decided to make some fresh blueberry muffins. I am not an expert baker, but I am trying o get better at it. I browsed all recipes and found this one. "To Die for Blueberry Muffins" it had like 2500 reviews and had 4 1/2 stars so I figured that it would be a good one. The batter was super thick and needless to say I put way too much of the topping on so they sank a little and they weren't very pretty because the topping ran all over the place. My review ***** 5 stars! YUMO! They are not much to look at, but wow. They taste like a coffee shop muffin with the thick moist texture. Next time I will make it into 9 muffins instead of 8 and put about half the topping on and I think they will look as good as they taste. Here is the link if you want to give it a try while the berries are affordable.

To Die for Blueberry Muffins


Ambyr said...

Those look delicious! I'll have to make some, Nathan loves blueberry muffins. Morgan is soooo cute and is plenty chunky! Paityn is simply fat at this point but she really likes to eat! They need to get together and play again, it was cute last time. Where is everyone meeting tomorrow?

Nicole said...

Those look and sound so good! I was going to go and get some of the blackberries and make jam, now I will have to make some muffin too. Thanks for sharing the reciepe.

Rachel said...

I love blueberry muffins and when I saw this I accidentally clicked on the picture and it blew up really big. YUMMO is right, they look so moist and GOOD. I am definitely going to try these.