Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Bubble Beard

Morgan cracks me up! She loves to blow bubbles all the day long. When I looked over at her today, I had to snap a few pics because she is definitely perfecting the art of the bubble beard. Brian and I have not perfected the art of making good tear ducts and poor little Mo constantly has a goopy eye all day, it is so sad. We try to massage it and she just screams. We will see what happens, but Will had to have his fixed. I hope it goes away soon, or I am going to have to photoshop all of her pictures:)


Nicole said...

I love those bubbles. That is so adorable. I hope that her eyes get better! How complicated is the procedure to fix it?

Designs by Miss Jane said...

She really does take after her daddy, goatie and all!

Ambyr said...

She's adorable, she and Paityn look like they have the same hair stylist! I love the bubbles. :)