Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A turkey, and.....a turkey!!

So, Greyson knows how to get comfortable. I'm assuming that he was dreaming about that beach in Hawaii that is covered in candy and toys. Next time I'll have to make sure he takes me with him. Brian went to check on him before we went to bed the other night and this is how he found him. Sometime I'll have to post pictures of Brian sleeping when he was a kid and you'll get to see where Grey gets it from.

Don't worry, I am not totally excited about Thanksgiving. I pictured this cute birdie in my head and I'm so excited because it actually turned out how I planned. I'm doing a design lesson tomorrow night and I'm going to show off this little critter. He's a preview of the thanksgiving turkey massacre at the Merrill house in a week or so. He is a box that will hold a prizes for the lucky hunter who nails him with the marshmallow guns.

Actually what makes me most excited is that when we got married, Brian forced that tradition on me that we do no Christmas decorations, music, or movies until the day after Thanksgiving. I'm realizing now it's just around the corner. "Snow, snow, snow, it won't be long before we'll all be there with snow" (AKA White Christmas, one of my favorites!) LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN!!!


Katie Jane said...

That turkey is MINE!!! I will massacre that little man with many a marshmallow!!

PrincessKatie said...

Oh man I have been bad this year and I have been listening to Chrsitmas music all month. I think its helped me ease into the holiday spirit this year. How are you feelign? Are you all better now?

Heather said...

So that's what kids are dreaming about when they have such a peaceful, innocent look! LOL

You know, we have never decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving either, but for some reason I've been so excited this year (probably because the boys are old enough to get excited about everything), so I actually put up our mini tree & decorations last night!

Ambyr said...

What a cute turkey! My family has te same tradition of the Christmas decorations so I know how you feel! I can't believe that it' so soon.

Carlie said...

You never cease to amaze me with your craftiness! Can I just have a small piece of that? Why I am the Enrichment Counselor is beyond me... they need someone like you in my ward! Teach me oh wise crafty one!