Tuesday, November 25, 2008

One Itty Bitty Pony

Brian was checking out little Mo's hair yesterday and was positive that she had enough for a little pony tail. So today, I humored him and Morgan had her 1st pony tail. I love it, you can barely see it so look hard! She is such a good sport. I love this, "what are you up to now, Mom" look that she has. I also wanted to post the pics of My cute pumpkin pie boxes that I did for the kiddos for thanksgiving. They are going to be filled with snacks for Thanksgiving day. It took me awhile to get the template right, but after a late night cutting and folding session with my hubby, they are finally done.
Did you know that a gathering of turkeys is called a rafter?
These poor little fellas won't even know what hit them.
Brian and I little tired of cutting and taping and cutting and taping, and there has been more than one time that Brian has wondered why he agreed to marry me, but I think the hunt will be well worth it.


Katie Jane said...

Oh my heavens!! I want to be there right now. Time to pack so as not to miss another moment of fun!

Holly Strong said...

Those truly are adorable!!!! I hope you take pictures of the "hunt". You might need to send me the instructions for your marshmellow guns, so we can do something fun like that next year.

Nicole said...

That pie is so adorable! You are so great to make all of that stuff for Thanksgiving.
I can't believe that Morgan's hair is long enough to make a pony tail! She is so adorable.

Kylene said...

Will you PLEASE email me the instructions for the turkeys?Those are sooo cute! The pies are adorable too!

Yay for ponytails!

PrincessKatie said...

I love the pony tail. She is getting so big. She is so cute. Hey I want a pieceof that pie It looks so good. Oh wait its not real! LOL