Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween II, The tradition lives on...

This may be a record for my longest post, but bear with me, the pics are worth it. And so the tradition lives on. The Merrill family has always been know for our bang-up Halloween parties and it may have been November 1st, but we were able to sneak in one heck of a Halloween Bash. The festivities included bat races, gummy worm bobbing, and Halloween bingo with sweet prizes, a haunted train ride through the corn................and we must not forget the manwich barbecue sandwiches with extra pickles with a side of homemade root beer!
Put a handsome devil and a Fairy together and what do you get? Spiderman, Elmo and a little funky chicken. The perfect family :)
I don't really do scary, so I went as a fairy. It was so fun, Katie curled my hair and helped me put on my fake lashes and let's not forget the florescent green tights!
Brian and our little funky chicken :)
Brian definitely married up :)
Yes, we torture our dog too. Our little Teenie Weenie is a true Weiner dog! I know that she hates us, but she looked too cute!
My Bro Ryan made this sweet train and every year he drives the kids through the haunted corn patch. My brother-in-law James always dresses up as the "Funky chicken" and chases train, he is always the kids favorite!
This is my best friend Tawnya from highschool, I was so excited that she was able to make it again this year. (I won that sweet hat in bingo!)
My bro-in-law James is the funky chicken, My brother Kavic and his wife Stacy are the Cowardly lion and Dorothy. My Mom and Dad are the jackelope and witch, and my nephew Michael is Beetlejuice. I didn't have pics of all the costumes, but they were great.
And last but not least My sister Katie and her hubby Jeremy were my favorite! Jeremy was Kip from Napoleon Dynomite and Katie was a "a football coaches wife from tremonton" I really didn't think she could get her hair that big :) Jeremy not only looks like Kip, but had his voice and manorisms nailed. I would laugh so hard every time I walked into the room and he would be doing a different Kip pose. We can't forget our little sad Cinderella. You guys rock!Nice Mustaches fellas! Since Jer was shaving his beard, and Bri was shaving his goat, they decided to take a few pics.
Boys will be boys.


Katie Jane said...

I think Jer should be Kip makes me laugh so hard. I don't think our family could get any cooler!! Hopefully Claire won't be so scared next year.

Nicole said...

I love your brother in law as Kip!! He really does look just like him. It sounds like you had a fun Halloween!

Jenn J. said...

You look adorable in the fairy outfit, and the kids are to die for adorable. Brian totally scares me! I hope he didn't wear that costume to work. :)

Emily said...

hilarious!! I love the Merrill Family!! you make a darling fairy! We should combine for next years festivities... looks like our families really know how to PARTY!!!!

Ambyr said...

The party looks like a blast! Your costumes are very cute and Brian deffinetly married up!!! You guys are welcome to coem over and play the Wii anytime!

Rachel said...

It was fun to see pics of Tawnya I haven't seen her for awhile! I loved the napolean dynamite and Katie. I will try not to take offense since our kids will be playing football there someday (if they want to of course!) I have tried to explain to people who live here (and have their entire lives) what we believed of there type, but they can't believe it. WHATEVER!! It made me smile! :)