Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Day After Thanksgiving

While all of you were up at the butt crack of dawn shopping yesterday, our family was embarking on our favorite Christmas tradition, hunting for our Christmas tree. We look forward to it so much because we wait until the day after Thanksgiving before we listen to Christmas music, or watch any Christmas movies. It is always so fun t hop in the car and blast our favorite Christmas tunes. (Shedaisy, Michael Buble, and my sweet Christmas mix my hubby made me several years ago)
Here is the whole clan just as we got into our gear while everyone was still warm and happy to be up in the mountains in the snow.
Here are my fellas, of course they were all stoked to be able to romp around in the snow.
Mojo on the other hand was less than thrilled to be all bundled up and out in the cold. Not that I blame her, the wind was very cold, but she made the trek to find our tree.
We forgot the boys coats, so poor William had to wear his cousins pink coat (we tried to cover most of it up with his jacket.) He decided that hanging out by the tree was more fun than getting cold in the snow.
The Bear was having a blast in the snow, he would run a few steps, then fall over because he isn't quite used to maneuvering around in his boots yet, but he wasn't complaining, he loved every minute and wanted to stay outside, that is until hot cocoa and lunch were mentioned and then you couldn't pry him out of the van. (and don't we just love KT Jane's new beanie styles, she is so talented and I love that she uses my boys for experimenting new styles:)
Mojo was much happier when we made it back to the van to defrost while Brian went back to cut the tree. She was all smiles while she was warm and in the Van.
Here is Brian and Mo with our prize. Sweet eh? For those of you who were expecting something a little more extravagant have not gone into the wild to hunt for trees, really full ones are hard to come by and when you are lugging around 3 little monsters in the snow, this one looked fantastic!


Ginger said...

I like that tree and that first pic by the way would be great for a Christmas Card.

I made your turkeys on Thanksgiving and I typed everyone's names on them. I'll post pictures soon. They were a hit!

tom & laura said...

holy cow! i can't believe you go find your own tree! that's awesome!

your little morgan is getting so big!! she's adorable!

Ambyr said...

That looks like way too much fun! I wish that I had the ambition to cut down my own tree. I do the fake ones, they are easier!!!! I love the beanies! I had to order a few and I totally love putting them on Paityn!

Rob and Jenn said...

You guys are one fun family! We just pull ours out of storage to use over and over again! But we still have fun! Hope to see you guys soon.

Nicole said...

I love the picture of your family. So cute!

Amy said...

We went to Vernal last weekend and chopped down our christmas tree. This was the first year, we loved it! I think we found a new tradition.
Your family is so cute! I'm sad I missed the turkey making craft :(

Brian and Cristeen said...

Your little family isn't so little anymore!! I'd say use the pic for your Christmas card, but you'd need to turn it into an ornament, puzzle, or snow globe or something (and include teeny of course!) Miss you!