Friday, December 4, 2009

This is getting good!

Thank you to those who have donated so far! (see previous post) After day 6
We are at 45 Grahams!
That is amazing!!!! That means, you are keeping me busy! I am still donating a Graham for every 5 grahams you order. I still have plenty of people who I could send one too, so put me to work! no orders over the weekend, but today I had 2 so don't wait any longer for someone else to donate, I need you to do it today and don't forget to spread the word! Our goal is still $300.00 to donate, but we will need to send a lot more Grahams! So get to it, Send me an e-mail, or leave me a comment and so we can reach that goal. Including the 7 Grahams that I started with, our donation total is $146.25!
(the total will increase, because some don't cost as much to ship as others)
Nice Job!


Carlie said...

I really want to see your sister blog- I want to order a beanie for a friend who just had a baby boy- they are total BSU fans so I was thinking a blue, orange, and white bomber would be awesome! Will you let her know please?
and you are so amazing with these grahams! What a great idea to give back like that! You are my hero Toni!

Katie Jane said...

Hey! Order some grams and you get one of those beanies for free Carlie!! I would love to make some beanies for you, my email is

Just let me know exactly what you want. I charge $10 for a beanie so by being one of the first people to order a gram you get one for free! Plus warm fuzzies for being a good person...which I am sure you are already!