Friday, December 11, 2009

$201.50!!!!!! Holy cow

Only 100.00 to go you guys! I can't even thank you all enough for donating. This has been so great to get people involved but I REALLY REALLY want to reach my 300.00 goal and that means that I need to sell about 30 more grahams before Dec 20. That is only 9 days away. PLEASE forward this on, post about it, or donate so that we can reach that goal. I know you are tired of hearing it, but every graham counts and I need your help. I will still give the next person to donate a gift certificate for something in my Etsy shop. Granted it is kind of empty right now, but that is only because these grahams have taken a lot of my time. It will be full again soon. SO please help! Thanks

Donors: Amy Adams, Kylene South, Amy Thompson, Heather Riddle, Jaylyn Merrill, Carlie McClellan, Katie Jane Young, Nicole Marsh, Angela Warth, Katie Larsen, Clair Merrill

I KNOW that you want your name up here on my blog....We are only 100.00 away from our goal! Donate today and make someones day by sending them a Christmas Graham!


Katie Jane said...

I love that not only is my name up there, but my whole name is up there. Ha! Katie Jane Young.

PrincessKatie said...

Dude was I fthe first to donate again when you posted this ?? I so want a etsy shop gift certificate you do such cute stuff!

Anonymous said...

If I wanted to order, how would it work? Where are you located?

Thanks for the info!